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Urox Gaiter

Pack of 3 Holds 600mls Urine.
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Urox Gaiter pack of 3

 Urox Gaiter is a sporty and masculine design. The gaiter resembles a sports accessory more than a medical device from a hospital. This is also why we call it a “Gaiter” and not a “urine bag”.

The PVC-bag is placed on the shin, where least perspiration is generated and where the weight of a full bag is least bothersome. Due to the elasthan material, the weight of the bag is distributed evenly over the entire calf. This gives a minimal disturbance of blood circulation.

The extra long outlet tap ensures easy emptying with no dripping in shoes and the folding-up of the tap ensures discretion and security.

A non-return valve is built into the inlet fitting at the top of the integrated urine bag.

The Gaiter

  • Pack of 3
  • PVC bag holds 600ml of urine
  • Non-return valve
  •  Elastan strech material integrated in design.
  •  Velcro strap for increased hold, when necessary
  •  Extra long outlet tap, folded up when not in use
  • Extra long outlet tap for easy emptying with no dripping in shoes
  • Reusable

Sizes (measured around the widest part of the calf)

cms                 inches                   Type
 29-33 cm        11.41 to 13                Small
 33-38 cm         13  to 15                   Medium
 37-42 cm         14.5 to 16.5              Large
 41-46 cm          16 to 18                  X Large


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