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UROX fixation pants

Seamless rear for optimal comfort when sitting for long periods. Keeps Urox cup secure in front.
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Product Code : 3011
Product Brand : Urox
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Urox Fixation pants have a special fly used to keep the cup and the tube in place when you are using the system.

Unlike other good quality trunks several convenience features are designed into the UROX underpants:
• No seams on the back means nothing to irritate the skin, if you have to sit for a long time,
• Lots of room in the front,
• Special design fly which actually opens as needed
• Made from 95% cotton and 5% elastan. The elastan keeps the underpants snug and comfortable.
We produce the Fixation pants in five sizes: S, M, L, XL

Colour : Black


Size Guide

To find your size, measure the circumference of your penis with a tape measure. The cimcumference should be measured approximately on the middle of the relaxed penis.

Circumference              Size        NHS Prescription code
7-9 cm                           S             1011
8.5-10 cm                     M            1012
9.5-11 cm                      L            1013
10.5-13 cm                   XL          1401

Measure circumference of your calf 
   Circumference            Size             NHS Prescription code
   29-33 cm                     S                 2011
   33-38 cm                     M                2012
   37-42 cm                     L                 2013
   41-46 cm                    XL               2014

Fixation Pants
UROX fixation pants follow the sizes of ordinary underpants.
Take the measurement around your hips (over the buttocks, under the belly)

Waist                                       Size      NHS Prescription code
86-94 cm                                 S           3011
92-100 cm                               M          3012
98-106 cm                               L           3013
104-112 cm                             XL        3014

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