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Tandem Cube Pessary with Drainage Holes

Tandem pessary treats extreme types of vaginal & uterine prolapse.
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Product Brand : Dr Arabin Tandem pessary
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Top cube without string
Lower cube with string
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The tandem pessary is custom made and will require 7-10 days delivery.

This pessary must be removed nightly

The tandem pessary is used for patients with extreme complaints of prolapse of the vagina and/or uterus for whom the pelvic floor is too weak to support ring pessaries.

The vacuum effect of the concave surface permits suction against the vaginal walls so that this pessary can be used in cases with severe prolapse and incompetence of the pelvic floor.

The tandem pessary is also suitable for expanding the vagina and before vaginal operations to stimulate local blood supply if coated with estradiol creme.

In cases of stress incontinence, we advise the lower cube be larger than the upper cube.

Insert 2 or 3 fingers between the pessary and the vaginal wall to break the suction.
Pinch the pessary with the index finger and thumb to remove.  DO NOT PULL ON THE STRING
Pulling the string before breaking the suction may traumatize the tissue and/or result in string breakage.

Sizes and models

Perforated Cube Pessaries

6 Sizes according to the following length of edges: -

    Size 0 = 25 mm
    Size 1 = 29 mm
    Size 2 = 32 mm
    Size 3 = 37 mm
    Size 4 = 41 mm
    Size 5 = 45 mm

Medical grade silicone
Medical nylon string

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