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All our creams are paraben free for further information please email   

Ginseng Nourishing Cream

Korean Ginseng Cream Paraben free and hypo – allergenic. All active ingredients are based on 100% natural products.

This rich creamy luxurious nourishing cream with Korean Ginseng is ideal for the body and face. Nourishing the skin and protects against exposure to the elements.
An ideal cream for:
Leaves skin feeling:
Water, vegetable fats & oils, emulsifier, Panax Ginseng extract, vegetable glycerine, marigold oil, Asian pennywort, hop, sunflowers, Comfrey, Allantoin, blossom oil, citric acid, natural colouring & preservation. Buy now

Ginseng Muscle & Joint

This rich, Muscle and Joint nourishing cream with Ginseng and Arnica is a perfect solution for anyone who suffers with painful joints and aching muscles.
It is hypo – allergenic and all active ingredients are based on 100% natural products, and is enriched with Arnica.
Massage into the skin and feel the warming effect of Ginseng Muscle and Joint Cream it provides fast relief from muscular aches. This thick rich cream may be the answer to help stimulate circulation.
Water, vegetable fats & oils, emulsifier, Panax Ginseng extract, Arnica extract, vegetable glycerine, Arnica oil, Ethereal oil, citric acid, natural colouring & preservation. Buy Now

Ginseng Serum Plus
Skin can become red and sensitive as a result of:

Can be used for:


Citric and lactic acid
Lemon has antimicrobial properties used to combat fungal and other infections. Lactic acid is good for very dry skin, lactic acid may stimulate collagen production, these creams may also help reduce finer wrinkles.
Rice seed oil and calendula
Keep the skin soft and supple, even where scabs have formed. Calendula has been used in other applications as a wound-healing agent.
Hylauronic acid
A moisturising agent naturally produced by the body that may help to repair skin ducts. Buy Now
Ginseng Sports Gel
Find out why athletes are switching to Ginseng Sports Gel!
Did you know that most sports creams and gels contain anti-inflammatory drugs, which could prove positive in a drugs test, even though the user has not ingested the drug. 
Source: Dr P.A. Fields MD DC Board Certified medical physician & Chiropractor
Ginseng Sports Gel with extra Arnica and wintergreen is specially balanced for athletes.
Ginseng Sport Gel is a warm soothing gel.
Help improve your performance by avoiding pulled muscles. Use Ginseng Sports Gel to help warm up muscles before and after sport, yoga and other activities.
The ingredients used are not on the IOC/WADA prohibited drugs list, that’s what makes our gel an ideal and safe product to use.
Aqua, Carbomer, Ginseng, Arnica, Wintergreen, TEA, Millefoium, Methylchoroisothiazolinone, Viloxanthine, Azorubine, Cannamella Buy Now
About Ginseng Creams
Ginseng Creams have been formally evaluated and the ingredients comply with the Directive 93/35/EEC of the Council of European Communities. The evaluation has been executed in accordance with the advice of the ‘notes of Guidance for Testing of Cosmetic Ingredients for their safety evaluation by the SCCNFP (Scientific Committee of Cosmetic Product and Non-food products) intended for consumers.
Carefully manufactured in Holland and inspected by the Dutch Inspection board for public promotion of health products Product no. 2710- 21108-1330

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