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The Sieve bowl pessary, is used to relieve the mild uterine prolapse, a cystocele, or rectocele and incontinence. Perforations facilitate drainage of discharge.
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Sieve bowl pessary EF type

The sieve cup pessary can be used in cases for a mild to moderate Cystocele, Rectocele and Uterine prolapse.
Symptoms of all this combination of prolapse can lead to symptoms of problems with back pain, constipation and problems with incontinence. The incontinence can be stress incontinence or it can be where the bladder has descended and prevents the bladder from emptying fully.

Other risk factors of a uterine or vaginal prolapse are connective tissue and muscle weakness or previous complicated births and being overweight.


For stress incontinence or slight prolapse complaints. An intact pelvic floor is required to be able to retain this pessary. 

Perforation holes facilitates the drainage of vaginal fluid or excess lubrication.


The Sieve cup pessary supports a mild vaginal and uterine prolapse in combination with a mild to moderate cystocele and rectocele and is easy to use.

The smooth medical grade silicone can be easily folded enabling insertion and removal easy.

As with the ring pessary the sieve cup pessary can be easily fitted into the desired position.

The Sieve cup pessary can also be used upside down.

This pessary fitting kit allows determination of pessary size in the doctor's office and includes the sizes 65, 70, 75 and 80 mm.

IncoClean is a antibacterial cleaner without parabens or alcohol. It is also a protection for your pessary when not in use.
Clean the pessary with warm water. Autoclaving or boiling can be also effective.

Medical grade silicone
Class IIb medical device

1 pessary
1 lady soft 30ml lubricant
1 Instruction manual


The Sieve bowl pessary EF type starts at 50mm outside diameter and increases in 5mm increments to 100mm

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