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C&G Medicare Ltd is your solution to urinary incontinence problems.
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 C&G Medicare Ltd manufactures IncoStress in the UK. 

Incostress - Clinically proven, no drugs, no surgery, reusable, replace every 6 months.
Note: You will find the information with the product states one month use, we would like to inform you that this product has recently been approved to last 6 months.

Why pay more for pads when they only to hide the problem and not solve it
Pads pack 12 Average use cost per day Pads cost per week Pads cost per month  Pads cost per year
£4.59 £1.14 £7.98 £31.92 £383.04
Compare Incostress savings for a product which is environmentally friendly, cost effective and is a solution 
Incostress pack 1 Average Incostress cost  per day Incostress cost per week Incostress cost  per month Incostress cost per year
£29.99 £0.17 £1.24 £4.99 £59.98

What is your price for a better quality of life?

Using IncoStress everyday you SAVE £323.06 on pads per year