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Milex Pessaries

Milex Pessary Range
All pessaries are supplied with detailed illustrated fitting instructions.
Fitting sets (for sizing purposes)
Milex Pessary Chart
Prolapse urinary Stress Incontience Cystocele Rectocele Cervical weakness Retro-displacement Most commonly used
1st-2nd degree uterine  2nd-3rd degree uterine sexually active vaginal vault
Yes Yes Yes Ring
Yes Yes Yes-mild Ring with support
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Shaatz
Yes Yes Yes Yes Incontinence dish
Yes Yes Yes-Mild Incontinence dish with support
Yes Yes Yes Donut
Yes Yes Yes gellhorn
Yes Yes Yes Yes Inflatoball
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Cube/Tandem cube
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Gehrung
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Gehrung with knob
Yes Yes Incontinence ring
Yes Yes Incontinence ring with knob
Yes Regula
Yes Yes Yes Hodge with support
Yes Hodge with support & knob
Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Hodge Smith
Yes Yes Yes Yes Ring with support & knob
Milex Cube Pessary
Milex Cube Pessary

A versatile pessary offers full support to most pelvic organ prolapse issues. Ideal for women who do physical exercise. Remove daily

Milex Dish Pessary
Milex Dish Pessary

Milex Silicone pessary suitable for SUI, mild uterine and cystocele prolapse

Was: £44.99
Milex Donut Pessary

Milex Donut for grade 3 prolapse and procidentia.

Was: £39.00
Milex Gehrung Pessary
Milex Gehrung Pessary

Support for cystocele and rectocele with stress incontinence

Was: £42.00
Milex Inflatoball Pessary (LATEX)
Milex Inflatoball Pessary (LATEX)

Inflatable (latex) for third-degree prolapse/procidentia with or without mild cystocele and/or rectocele Should be removed nightly. See Size guide

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