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Intimate well-being

C&G Medicare offer a range of products that take care of those intimate issues people have.
We offer a range of excellent award winning lubricants, intimate moisturisers and intimate washes.  Many women suffer vaginal dryness, our range of products can help overcome this offering a better quality of life.

Vaginal Dilators

The vaginal dilator set can provide a great deal of relief from the symptoms of many medical conditions that affect the vagina.
The dilator set is recommended for women that suffer from vaginal constriction caused by excessive muscle tone, a spasm or scar tissue. It is also possible to use the dilator set if the vagina is not properly formed.
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Menstrual Cups
Bellecup is manufactured in the UK in our cleanrooms. Designed for women with endometriosis, pelvic organ prolapse and incontinence issues. Holds more capacity than other cups on the market as well as offering internal support of a low bearing cervix.