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IncoClean Intimate product cleaner and de-odouriser

Destroys biofilm and bacteria. Excellent for deep cleaning sea sponges. Cleans and protects all intimate products. Removes all organic substances from devices such as dried blood and urine. Odour control. BUY 2 GET ONE FREE
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IncClean is an enzymatic cleaner. 
IncoClean is safe for all your products

IncoClean has been specially formulated to sanitize, clean and protect products such as pessaries, menstrual cups, urinals and other intimate products.
IncoClean is scientifically proven and patented.

Why choose IncoClean :

High germ killing capacity to 99.9999%
  1. Kills a vast array of germs including MRSA and E Coli, Norovirus and NDM1, C-diff, Samonella & More
  2. Breaks down biofilm of organic substances such as dried blood, then gets to work in eliminating the bateria growth under this bio-film
  3. Tested Food Safe and Halal Compliant
  4. Medically Approved for pessaries and other medical instruments
  5. Can be used on all medical devices and intimate products
  6.  Highly cost effective
Pessary use
Soak pessary in solution for 1-2 minutes, remove and allow to air dry, swill under water before inserting into patient.

Sponge use
Soak sponge in solution for about 15 minutes, remove gently squeeze the sponge in the solution, then remove, squeeze excess solution, run under clean water and allow to dry damp if inserting into the body again.
If you are storing the sponge for longer periods, soak sponge in solution as above, rinse under water, then re immerse into a clean bowl of new solution, soak for 30 seconds - squeeze excess solution out and allow to dry naturally before storing.

Use on menstral cups
Wash cup with water to remove any blood. Pour in IncoClean and leave for 15 minutes so it can break down the biofilms. Wash with plain water.

Use on urinals
Wash out urinal with plain water. Pour in Incoclean and allow to soak for 15 minutes, rinse out with clean water.

IncoClean is safe to spray on materials such as matresses and chairs

IncoClean is safe for your skin
Its unique eco-friendly formula does not contain alcohol and it is non irritating when used on the skin.

IncoClean enymes has been scientifically proven to kill 99.9999% of germs and bacteria.

IncoClean’s active agents include those effective against swine flu, legionella, E.coli, pseudomonas, MRSA, etc.


INCOCLEAN designed to protect your health without damaging your environment.


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