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Continence bedding

Superb quality long lasting protection for bedding, chairs and sofa. Kylie protective covers are stylish and washable.

Kylie® is the original washable absorbent bed and chair pad. The Kylie® name is a household name for  “Washable bed pad”.

The Kylie® bed pads are manufactured in the United Kingdom and its process is unique to any other brand. 
What makes the Kylie® bed pads a cut above the rest? Its clever way in which the Kylie® bed pad diverts moisture away from the skin as quickly as possible, making it comfortable and reduces further complications such as skin irritation from urine contact against the skin.

Skin that is in close contact with urine can rapidly deteriorate, that may lead to soreness,open wounds and infections.
Using Kylie® bed pads ensures you get an undisturbed and dry night of sleep.

In the morning simply remove the Kylie® bed pads and pop into the washing machine without having the hassle of chnaging the rest of the bed linen.

Our number one seller to carehomes.