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Cerclage Pessary Hamann & Jorde

Cerclage pessary with support sides for incompetant cervix.
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  As a prophylaxis and as therapy for possible premature delivery.

Among the possible causes of a premature birth is the so-called cervical insufficiency: The cervix is shortened and opens prematurely. Most often this occurs between the 4th and 6th month of pregnancy and can have various causes. Sometimes it is a consequence of a previous difficult birth or an abortion. Similarly, infections or uterine surgery can cause cervical insufficiency. Another possible reason is multiple birth pregnancies, which often cause a stretching of the cervix, too.

The Cerclage & Support Pessary, patented by Dr Hamann and Dr Jorde, is used as a prophylaxis and as therapy for possible premature delivery.

In the case of cervical incompetence the Cerclage & Support Pessary takes the pressure off the cervix by supporting it, and a cerclage operation can, thereby, be avoided.

The Cerclage hamann & Jorde pessary is made from medical silicone and available in three different sizes.

The Cerclage & Support Pessary tightens and holds the cervix firmly closed.

The central opening fixes the cervix and pushes it backwards. Pressure is reduced and taken off the cervix. Intrauterine pressure is shifted to the front wall of the uterus due to the tilted dorsoventral pessary position and sacralization of the cervix uteri.

At the same time the Cerclage & Support Pessary ensures a formation or reshaping of the shortened and partly open cervix. Due to the collective impact of all of the previously mentioned, the lower pole is protected.

The size is measured as to diameter, length, width and height of the pessary.
Size I - Ø 30mm   L57 W59  H14
Size 2 - Ø 35mm  L70 W76 H14
Size 3 - Ø 35mm  L80 W83 H14

Medical grade silicone

1 Pessary with manual
1 Ladysoft Lubricant with manual

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